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    KITTY LAB : It's all fated!

      IT ROCKS! You get to make your own KITTY! You have to win the game to get to choose what you want to put on your KITTY! I lost once of twice but I managed to get what I wanted~ What luck! But the career and horoscope is totally random! But I got exactly what I wanted!

      AQUARIUS (Just like my beloved Jaejoong)

      SUPERSTAR (Just like me beloved Jaejoong!!!)

      Oh my god. It's totally meant to be.

      It's all fated.

      & Yes, I bought the $48 cap !

      (Will upload more pictures soon~!)
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      Happy Birthday~!
        Love in the Ice [Korean Version] by 東方神起

        Its Sarina's birthday today ! 

        Fauziah picked this out for me~! And I thought it was really pretty and sparkling, reminded me of Sarina too~! 

        Extra drawings added due to request of the birthday girl ( I made you sound younger~! )

        This is supposed to be her~! 

        Well wishes !!
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        Heartfelt 18th
          Secret Game by 東方神起

          A present from my mother's girlfriends  Still thinking if I should take it out and use it 
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          I love you all~
            Hi Ya Ya 여름날 by 東方神起

            It was simple but it made me really happy. Happier than I thought I would actually be. 

            I love you all~ for picking out all my favorite snacks and the 3 beautiful & sexy-till-I-can-die-nose-bleeding pictures of my God sent Jae 

            Thank You Vi, Michelle, Fauziah, Wey & Novell~!! 

            Though I didn't get to see Novell today, but you wished me Happy Birthday~!! on Msn right before I head to school 

            Vinolia was keeping me out of the class with weird excuses, but she ended up only distracting me for like 3 minutes 

            Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. My classmates, members of Eminence, Jj & gang and old friends. 

            Especially to Vinolia who actually called me at midnight, though I didn't pick up the call. I was actually very happy  when I saw the missed call. Kind of wished I wasn't so tired the night before so I could've heard what funny stuff you were going to say 

            And to Quek, who still owes me a drink under $5.
            I might just laugh my head off after I finish drinking it, or blab about some weird stuff and dance like a chicken. 

            My parents too  I had a really amazing dinner tonight, feeling so horrible and fat now but I don't care anymore~! 

             and to Jian Wei, the last person to sing me a Birthday song. Yes, I am 18 & 1 year old~!  I feel wrinkles.

            The most wonderful part of today is that, I share today with 東方神起  2005 April 27, they debuted in Japan with their single Stay with me tonight. Sorry, I totally nosebleed at that title  You endured a lot to make it big, so lets continue and work hard  You & Me~ I bought your The 1st LIVE CONCERT RISING SUN CD as a present for both of us~~

            I love you all~
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               the trot & rock version~~ I'm happy to have met you, Jae~ 

              I am keeping this image in my mind all day~ So cute~~
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              A Crunchy 18th to Come
                Just the Two of Us feat. 東方神起 by ravex

                My birthday munchies from SiJia  I love the Oatmeal one seriously, especially how the chocolate chip inside just kind of melts when you bite into it  The double chocolate chip was nice as well but still loving the Oatmeal one loads 

                I finished the rest this morning for breakfast  Wish I had more though~ Let's go out next week to Liang Court or something, I am ready for my next Japanese magazine  I love the free stuff that comes with it 

                I gave myself a nice long long long break. Watching 東方神起 is not a break, it was like a whole exercise regime  I can't just sit and watch them quietly~!! That's a disgrace  Watched a couple of movies illegally. Monster VS. Aliens, The Road to El Dorado, Bride Wars, House Bunny & Hotel for Dogs  I watched the last one just for the doggies~

                I spent the rest of the day screaming and being a total fangirl 

                Side Note : My zen can't play The Secret Code. What the shit~!! For once I put legally purchased songs in my Zen and it can't work? Is this a bloody sign? I know it plays better than the crappy iPod but, it can't play 東方神起~!! This is atrocious. I want an iPod now. 
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