L'amour a la vanille

同 じ空の下で 同じ夢を描き


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      I will be moving to a new host.

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      Looking Smart
        Mission by JYJ 

        My love for accessories started quite late, but I am definitely growing a nice collection. Quite a while back, I saw an simple necklace I knew I had to get. & it was really cheap too! 

        From FOREVER21 for only $5 SGD! 

        The MAIN reason I wanted to get it was to just do this:

        Say "Hi!" to Professor Chloe!

        ああああああ! 赤ちゃんはすごくかわいですね~

        My obsession with her is apparent, isn't it?
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        Day 6 - What band or musician is important to me?
          To people who know me, these 5 men need no introduction. 

          They are known as the Rising Gods of The East and they have truly lived up to their name.

          This band...is going through a lot. And, truth to be told, I have no idea how I am going to go on talking about them now.

          But one thing I will say that they all individually amazingly talented people and whatever they decide to do, to move on with, I will give my support to each of them! 

          Deep inside, I am still waiting for that miracle to happen. It's a difficult, and many say impossible, task but I will keep on waiting. I know many others are doing the same as me.
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          She's been keeping me busy!
            Stand Up by f(x)

            & I am not complaining.

            Who can resist such an adorable angel like her!?

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              Picture does not belong to me.

              See the amazing red hair the girl on the left is rocking? That's the shade of awesome I want.

              Yes, yes. I know you guys are sick of me constantly saying how I want to dye my hair (for, 3 years now?) and not doing it.  I did get highlights once! But it cost a bomb and I did not dare spend so much money on hair again.

              I actually forgot when was the last time I had a haircut. 

              Every Singaporean probably needs...well, wants a haircut or go bald recently because of the heat. I know I do. I can just sit here in my room, causally surfing the web and be dripping sweat.

              Either way, I need a hair cut and my hair to an awesome shade of fiery goodness to start off new page of my life.

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              The things women go through for a good bargain.
                Love The Way You Lie (Part II) (Feat. Eminem) by Rihanna

                I braved through the chaos of the weekends and the torrential rain to get to TAB (at Orchard Road) to attend a flea market event. The amount of makeshift stalls and eager patrons made it ...... let's just say I wanted to get the stuff I want and run out of that place as quickly as I can!

                I did purchase some awesome stuff though. One of them is a wallet.

                I've been desperately trying to find an affordable (by that I mean cheap and good) one, but the pretty ones are always accompanied with a depressing price tag. So I am really happy that I managed to snag this! For just $18!

                It has a lot of compartments too...Talk about being perfect.

                Exactly what I needed in a wallet. And yes, I don't have a lot of money. So, if planning on getting some quick cash by extorting me, you're barking up the wrong tree.

                Pretty colors! I got this ring for $6.90. There was another color...a much more cheerful palette. I preferred this because it looked more classy and elegant to me. Heh, maybe its just me.

                And last of my loots will be these 2 OPI bottles for $8 each. They are authentic but are considered rejected goods due to misprinting of labels. This explains the price tag that comes with it (normal cost of an OPI nail polish is $20odd?).

                Side Note #1: After this, I went through the horrible rain, with no umbrella or anything to shelter ourselves from the rain, towards the train station to get to the Australia University Exihibition at Suntec. I managed to get some information on a few universities.

                Side Note #2: Did I mention that my non-waterproof mascara and eyeliner were washing down my face....I had to pull out my trusty sunglasses to hide my eyes. That and I was wearing heels....my feet are still in recuperation from the horrible experience I just went through! To add on to all the amazing things that have happened, I am still under treatment for my illness. I shouldn't be going out, let alone take a nice stroll in the rain.
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                Threadless. Again!
                  悪ノ召使 by ろん

                  A friend of mine is ordering from threadless.com again, so I decided to throw in some orders. Actually, just two.

                  That's "Rock Out With Your Cock Out". I just know I am going to feel mighty awesome when I put in on. Hell yeah!

                  This one is "Riders Through the Storm". As you can see from the bottom left hand corner, USD$9 of what I paid for this tee will be donated to the global flood relief. I get an incredibly sick shirt and do charity at the same time; two birds with one stone!

                  He estimated that it would be a month before I get them......Well, good things come to people who wait.
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                  Day 4 - The meaning behind my tumblr name
                    Special 'ONE' (album ver) by ELISA 

                    My tumblr name is Vanilla Love, and my blog name is actually the same. 

                    The only difference that its in French...grammatically correct or not, I have no idea. Reason being I used Google translate. Why French? It sounds more romantic to me. 

                    Okay, let's start from the top.

                    It started when I was desperately trying to get a username for a gmail account without using underscores or dashes or numbers. I was thinking up random things in my head. 

                    Eventually, I got to vanilla.

                    When I was very young, I had the perception that vanilla was pure white. Though I later found out its just a black skinny pod, it didn't change how I saw it. Weird. Regardless, I have always associated pure white of vanilla with innocence and, well, purity. Like a first love, it also has a light sweet fragrance. 

                    So, Vanilla Love. 

                    Truth to be told, I don't think I explained much. My brain works in a really...interesting way. One things leads to something..and another and another in the matter of seconds. It is a freaking high speed expressway up there. I do hope I did though, even if its just a little.
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                    Day 3 - My day, in great detail
                      It says I have to do this in great detail but its too much of a chore. I will do my best though....not to skip too much.

                      Well, first and foremost. I woke up. Unfortunately, my body was still experiencing the leftover pains from yesterday night's gastric attack. Contemplated if I should take another carbon pill but decided to just eat a proper meal, like 2 hours after I woke up. I am very healthy, aren't I. What I did in that 2 hours I cannot remember for some reason. I tend to be a little out of it. I was most probably putting Cobra Starship on eternal repeat and dancing like a crazed monkey in my room. I am pretty sure I can sing all their songs now, but I am not going to guarantee this.

                      Moving on, I watched the television for a while because Glee was on, namely the episode I missed yesterday. The one Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on. She's so pretty and adorable at the same time. I went back to my room and did the same crazy song spam like I did earlier. Eventually I got bored...and tired from that sugar-high-ish moment and decided to continue the games on my Nintendo DS. Argh, I dislike having to click through draggy dialouges explaining actually really simple concepts to you.

                      Then, as human nature dictates, I get hungry and ate. I had a craving for something sweet so I went into the store and grabbed a can of coke. Something I really don't do...just because I am not a coke fan..not a soda fan actually. But as a woman going through a wonderful time of the month, I needed something sweet. Okay, maybe that's just my weird cravings.

                      I watched Easy A again. Emma Stone, I adore you. Surfed tumblr for a while but got tired, wasn't really in the mood to go through everything. I got so bored I decided to plan out a day of LAN gaming on facebook. It didn't go entirely well, but I have the minimum amount of people I needed. I guess that's good enough. I am hoping for more to come along though. You know, the more the merrier.

                      So....that's it. I think. Till now. I am still jamming to Cobra Starship by the way.

                      I get the feeling I missed out a lot of stuff but that is purely due to the fact normal people don't go remembering every single thing they did during the day, especially in great detail.

                      There are some things I left out intentionally though, due to privacy issues of the people I've talked to. Yes, I have friends.

                      Oh, you may also have realized, I did not take a single step out of my house today. I am planning to start a mushroom farm in my room 
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                      Thank You
                        I always had these thoughts in my head, but it wasn't until last year when a friend of mine talked to me about her own problems that I managed to expressed it out in words. I felt that I should broadcast it here...on my blog, which no one really looks at. Not even my mum. Actually thank goodness, she doesn't. 

                        I wouldn't say I had the worse teenage years ever recorded in history but it wasn't fantastic either. Regardless, it was thanks to those "beautiful" incidents that I realized a couple of things about life. Mainly about social interactions.

                        Truth to be told, when those wonderful moments of my life occurred. I hated the world like those typical emo kids, just that I was smart enough not to jam rusty pen knife blades into my wrists. (I never understood the "writing" of depressing phrases or words using the blade. It's shit ugly. Oh and yes, I stereotype.) Not all hope is lost, I got over that phase. Things still were not very clear to me. I took a few years before i did....

                        Friends. I am not that good of a friend, truth to be told. As a person in general, I am a bit of a selfish asshole. I hate to admit it but it will still remain a truth. I am trying to change it, in fact, I think I have made a little improvement? (Hey, let me indulge.) I learned to be less picky about wanting everything to go my way. I still do that sometimes, but its only because that is something I been dying to get or try (Most of the time...). Okay, I am sidetracking. 

                        You know how I said earlier that I have managed to put it in words. Well, no. Now I am stuck...actually..for about 10 bloody minutes already.

                        Okay, I am just going to jump straight into it. Whether you understand it or not, I can't really help. 

                        I have come to learn to appreciate the people that are willing to understand me, hang out with me, put up with my weirdness and take me as I am. The ones that are there right now. The people who accept me as a friend and talk to me comfortably and makes me feel so relax around them, I feel like I can do anything as long as they are there. 

                        I, during a part of my life, though I was never going to feel this way about the concept of friends ever again. It's a feeling that I really cannot translate into words but it was...not a good feeling. Not a good one at all. 

                        So I just really want to say, Thank You.
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