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    It's another of those music shuffle list things.
      Antoinette Blue by 北出菜奈

      Well, I have a good vocabulary. 

      Basically, I am supposed to put my iTunes on shuffle and make a list of the first 25 artists. Point of this is to see the type of music I listen to..I think.

      1. Dir en Grey
      2. Skye Sweetnam
      3. Gavin DeGraw
      4. Golden Bomber
      5. ViViD
      6. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区
      7. the brilliant green
      8. 志方あきこ
      9. 宮本駿一
      10. flumpool
      11. ELLEGARDEN
      12. Every Little Thing
      13. 東方神起
      14. Hyde
      15. May'n
      16. BAReeeeeeeeeeN
      17. バルシェ
      18. Younha
      19. TOKIO
      20. SHINee
      21. B'z
      22. KOKIA
      23. タイナカサチ
      24. yozuca*
      25. December
      Mostly Japanese, but I have a good mix. There are couple of genres, languages and style.

      The songs I listen to definitely are not restricted to just a few genres. What I want to listen to at any one time really depends on how I am feeling that day. I am pretty sure that applies to everyone out there.

      Side Note: Back somewhere in March I started a 30day challenge. I am going to continue that soon. I delayed it as I was waiting for my new 東方神起 goodies to arrive :D
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      The Femme Fatale
        Trip To Your Heart by Britney Spears

        I am very proud to announce that I have a copy of Britney Spears new album Femme Fatale! The importing of songs was quick but I couldn't take my eyes off it as I really want to listen to it at that very moment. 

        Purchasing this in the early afternoon probably wasn't a good idea. It had been sitting in my bag waiting for me to reach home! 

        Holy! Hold it against me is playing now. Oh the excitement!! 

        I wanted to hold off listening to it until I have repeated both Sucker Punch and Dragon Age II OST but I couldn't resist. Not one bit.

        Now! I am off to enjoy~!
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        Girl's Day - 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle)

          I absolutely  Min-Ah!
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          Fallen Angel

            Need. To. Learn.
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            ViViD -「夢」〜ムゲンノカナタ〜
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              [Song] P!nk - F**kin' Perfect
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                [Song] 下弦の月 by 堂本光一
                  Its been 5 years and I am still in love with this song 

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                  [Lyrics] Loveholic - 신기루
                    The secrets in my dreams tell me
                    About the sorrows that I’ll come across
                    I must yearn for mercy
                    Your pained appearance and my greeting
                    A gaze that was shut as if tired
                    I don’t wish for anything more than these
                    The sickened promise is stinking and hidden; I never knew…

                    A dream that I can’t recover
                    My memories grew dim
                    My pains became dull and my heart cracked
                    My burnt out soul is simply a cooled mountain of ash
                    My tears are filled with pain, ha…

                    So tell me… tell me… the reason why…
                    How can you do this to me…
                    You break my heart…
                    And you make me cry…

                    In the expressionless, final moonlight
                    Covered in muddied excuses
                    The warmth that embraced you
                    Vanished without a trace; You’ll never know…

                    Within the endless pain
                    There’s the belated regret that was left behind
                    And the flowers of love that disappear meaninglessly…

                    So tell me… tell me… the reason why…
                    How can you do this to me…
                    You break my heart…
                    And you make me cry…

                    (Credits to here.)

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                    [Album] Loveholic - Dramatic and Cinematic
                      Another feature on a favorite song/artist! 

                      Today its Loveholic

                      They are a South Korean modern rock group. For some reason, one of their songs was used for a Japanese animation ending (Black Blood Brothers) and that song (신기루) was so beautiful I got hooked.

                      I got to know them a bit too late as when I found out about this song, the vocalist has left the group (Dramatic and Cinematic was the last album with her.) Now, they continue with their activities without announcement of a new singer. They have been collaborating with guest vocalists under the same name though.

                      I don't really know much about them to be serious. I shall let their music explain everything to you.

                      So sit back and enjoy my favorite song from them, 신기루.

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                      [Album] yozuca* - stitch museum
                        yozuca*,rino,tororo,こだまさおり,chokix,東タカゴー,宮井英俊,黒須克彦,安瀬聖,藤田淳平(Elements Garden)
                        ¥ 2,570

                        I was in the mood to listen to old songs that I used to put on repeat all day, and to make a playlist out of these awesome tunes one by one. I decided to share some on the albums/artists I love.

                        First up is yozuca*.

                        I've been a fan of artists and works from Lantis e.g. Eufonius, CooRie, Ceui and many more for some time now and yozuca* is one of them. (Generally, they specialize as music publisher label for Japanese musicians, anime and video game soundtracks.) To be serious, I have never heard about Lantis until I fell in love with Faylan's Polaris album and her song Last Vision for last and did some searching on her. That was when I found out about it and realized many of my favorite tunes came from their list of artists.

                        Okay, back to yozuca*. (her blog here)

                        She's a Japanese female singer (duh). She is known especially for her lending her vocals for the Da Capo series; her debut song was used as the theme song for the series of game. 

                        I found out she often works with Rino of CooRie (AWESOME!) for performances and their internet radio show. Lantis sounds like a wonderland to me now.
                        I got into her quite late, more like somewhere during the mid of 2010? I saw her album and remembered seeing her name somewhere before. So...I decided to give it a listen. And here I am, promoting her. Not doing an awesome job at it but it's still better than nothing!

                        The album I am talking about is "Stitch museum" released just last year.

                        1. No ruLe 
                        2. Do you love me? 
                        3. 愛永久 〜Fortune favors the brave〜
                        4. in the Deep 
                        5. I will go 
                        6. Graduation from yesterday 
                        7. S.S.D! 
                        8. Enjoy Life 
                        9. Morning-sugar rays 
                        10. レンブラントの光
                        11. 雨上がりに咲いた虹
                        12. 陽はまた昇る 〜stitch museum ver〜
                        13. Rainbow 07
                        14. スタートライン

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