L'amour a la vanille

同 じ空の下で 同じ夢を描き


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    Is there anyway to say No?
      기다리다 지친다 by 2PM

      I want my own Astro boy. Officially.

      I mean, come on, He has machine guns on his butt! You can't say no to that!
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        I am proud of it~
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          I was so so so so so so so so so so HIGH when I saw them!! They even zoomed in on my beloved, Jaejoongie~  I wanted to scream~~ But I only grabbed Sijia's hand and kept shaking her ! I was so freaking excited! Damn it, it was so short though!! The end credits had more of their little performance. 

          See how their hairstyle is of 2 ? years ago 

          Just to let you guys know, the song is The Way U Are -Japanese Version- 
          By 東方神起 of course ! 

          The movie was worth the money, I cried throughout. More like little tears here and there. Her ballet performances were all amazing!! Especially the part she rises from the floor~! I feel like watching it again~
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          Its the 13th today!
            千年恋歌 by 東方神起

            5 pairs of boobs, 4 times I covered my ears, 3 elbowing from Vinolia, 2 sex scenes and 1 new word learnt!


            We ended laughing like a bunch of idiots though, okay, it was just me & Vinolia being weirdly high. WanLin wanted to go to the toilet, but she's afraid that while she's walking out, something POPS up and she gets a shock. I was heading out after the movie ended, and had a really bad feeling something may just pop out as a joke from the producers so I ran out, and Vinolia laughed at me. Better safe than sorry !! 

            Headed to HMV to see if SHARE THE WORLD DVD version was out, but what the shit, not even the normal single is seen anywhere. Seriously hoping HMV is bring them in.

            To end this,

            PING PANK POP !!
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              Once upon a December (French) by Unknown

              I've been randomly thinking about it, my one and only favourite cartoon movie from young. Star Movies just happened to show it, right from the start.

              I still remember that scene, that made me love that song so much~

              Once a upon a december~~~

              By the way this is FOX, I hate disney.
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              You can't escape
                光が照らす階段を by 少女-ロリヰタ-23区

                from head banging ROCK! 
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                  みんなあなたを愛してる by Kiroro

                  Dragged Sijia to watch it with me yesterday.

                  I wanted to watch it, since its the first time I've ever seen such a movie,
                  then it won an Oscar.
                  It only made me want to watch it more.

                  To me, it held meaning.
                  Made me tear at certain parts.

                  But, there were also scenes that were quite cute and caused me to giggle.
                  Especially the very first one!

                  I liked it~
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