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      I will be moving to a new host.

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      Looking Smart
        Mission by JYJ 

        My love for accessories started quite late, but I am definitely growing a nice collection. Quite a while back, I saw an simple necklace I knew I had to get. & it was really cheap too! 

        From FOREVER21 for only $5 SGD! 

        The MAIN reason I wanted to get it was to just do this:

        Say "Hi!" to Professor Chloe!

        ああああああ! 赤ちゃんはすごくかわいですね~

        My obsession with her is apparent, isn't it?
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        Day 6 - What band or musician is important to me?
          To people who know me, these 5 men need no introduction. 

          They are known as the Rising Gods of The East and they have truly lived up to their name.

          This band...is going through a lot. And, truth to be told, I have no idea how I am going to go on talking about them now.

          But one thing I will say that they all individually amazingly talented people and whatever they decide to do, to move on with, I will give my support to each of them! 

          Deep inside, I am still waiting for that miracle to happen. It's a difficult, and many say impossible, task but I will keep on waiting. I know many others are doing the same as me.
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            I will support you three no matter what you decide to do to progress your career. As long as they are standing on a stage, performing with everything they've got, I know it's definitely worth it.
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            Radiance by Britney Spears
              Trip To Your Heart by Britney Spears

              Around the end of March, I begged a friend of mine to buy a bottle of Britney Spear's Radiance perfume (100ml) from the airport. Since its duty free and her father has some discounts.

              Isn't the box amazingly pretty? It is this silvery reflective background with pictures of gems lining framing it. If you noticed, there's a rainbow effect going on whenever light hits it!

              The bottle stays with the theme showed on the box, truly beautiful as well with all the pink, blue and white gems~ I am in love with the big blue gem on the top. Point is you can't not love the bottle! It is the best addition to any woman's dressing table. When I am finished with it, I am still going to put it somewhere as a decorative item.

              Now to the fragrance! It's a very feminine scent with a whole range of berries and florals. I love it especially because its very fresh and soft and not too strong. I am not an expert on perfumes but I feel like I can wear this whenever because it starts with this soft fresh sweet scent and at the end of the day this nice musky scent (which I have no idea how I am going to describe it but I just really love it!).

              Oh~ I can't stop staring at the box!
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              My (fangirl) Introduction to Gmarket
                이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go) by 동방신기 

                 The 동방신기 (東方神起/DBSK) fan in me was patiently waiting for JYJ to make a stop at Singapore for their concert. Unfortunately, it didn't happen at the end. 


                This meant the extra cash I had been holding on for them can be used for something else now! By something else I meant shopping! 

                I decided to purchase 3 items, that will help fill up the void of not being able to see JYJ for real this time.

                Number 1) 동방신기 Keep Your Head Down Repackaged Album

                I was literally squealing when I got this! It arrived in perfect condition, all wrapped up nicely. I was half expecting it to be completely scratched up considering how far it is travelling from, but no worries!

                Even the inside was perfect!

                Mine came with a special small Yunho photocard (with a surprise at the back; just wait I will show you all soon!) and also the 50odd photo cards.

                So what's so special about the card?

                A printed message and autograph from Yunho! Of course, I don't understand what he said but I was still happily giggling to myself when I saw it. 

                I am still listening to their album right now. The playlist is constantly on loop for me especially Before U Go, Rumor and Journey. They are my 3 most loved tracks!

                Next is......

                Number 2) JYJ Their Rooms Album

                Same as Keep Your Head Down, it came to me all nicely wrapped up and without a single imperfection on the cover. Perfect condition. The best part about this album is the amount of awesome goodies it came with!

                Postcards and.................Stickers! Obviously, I would never bear to use them. I would totally be pasting Jaejoong's head all the place. Haha!

                Bookmarks for the diary it came with. Wait! There's more behind!

                Ah~ The carefree smiling pictures of these 3 boys. Truly beautiful!

                Let's talk a glance into the diary, shall we?

                I love the font they used for the lyrics. It's as if they handwritten-ed it for all their fans (dreams).

                I would never use this diary but I am so tempted to just because its littered with candid pictures of the boys at the side!

                And finally, the main! The album CD! I am really digging the color scheme they used.

                I am still too hung on Keep Your Head Down to give this a listen. I must get it out of my system before I start on this! Mainly because I know I will be putting this on constant loop as well (It's just something I do. I am weird, I know.). I have listened to snippets of this album here and there, I can't wait till I feel that I am ready to listen to it!

                Number 3) JEJUNG Intermodulation Photobook

                If you hadn't already noticed, I am Jaejoong biased.

                Shall I give you guys a little preview of what's inside? I don't think its right of me to post too much pictures on the content. Its copyrighted! And if you really want to see it, you should buy it!

                I love this look so much! Rocker Jae!

                The much nose bled over bathing scene photos! Damn, he really worked hard on those muscles!

                It came with post cards and the making of DVD too! I've been busy and hadn't had the time to watch it....I need to watch it real soon!

                The poster it came with~ I must frame this!

                The ECO Bag it came with. I refuse to take it out of the plastic cover it came in. I must keep it in perfect condition!

                A very long post, wouldn't you say! But that's all!

                I preserved and waited before buying these 3 because I knew it would be way overpriced in Singapore. Thanks to a good friend of mine who helped me order this 3 items with a whole lot of other stuff, I managed to get them way cheaper. I spent a total of $166 SGD including shipping (with the photobook being the most expensive and heaviest)!

                Try as hard as you can but you won't be able to find a better deal than Gmarket Korea itself!

                My (fangirl) introduction to Gmarket Korea was amazing and I am completely addicted. I am currently a GOLD member thanks to my much more recent splurge which I will be blogging about soon as well! Wait for it!
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                Chrome Baby. Chrome!
                  Journey by 동방신기 Feat. 서현

                  Welcome to my headphone family. Skull Candy Icon Headphones Chrome!

                  It's pretty, isn't it? As a female, I am weak against shiny objects. Especially when such shiny objects are being sold at a discounted price. I forgot what the original price was but I paid only SGD$32 for this pair of awesome shininess!

                  I bought this off brandsfever.com through my sis-in-law's account. Thank goodness, I do not have one (or a debit/credit card) or I would be deep in debt right now.

                  Oh, you must be wondering what those 2 black skull candy icon-ed plates are for. Let me show you!

                  You can switch between that and the chrome ones! What the heck! I didn't know that when I bought, so it was really good surprise. I switched one side (left) for the black. Figured it would be cool to have dual colors and it helps with my figuring out which side is which.

                  It came with stencils. I am totally going to bake cookies and muffins and use them for decoration. Haha!

                  There wasn't an actual warranty card. Mainly because the headphones have lifetime warranty! Isn't that great!?

                  Then again, unless I am heading to those far off countries listed, it would be in the box with my other dead headphones when it reaches its' end.

                  Currently, I am using this instead of my WESC. The reason being, I treasure my WESC Black Golden Oboe way too much. I don't want it to die on me so fast....I shall use it only when I am at home.

                  Yes, I am weird like that.
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                  She's been keeping me busy!
                    Stand Up by f(x)

                    & I am not complaining.

                    Who can resist such an adorable angel like her!?

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                    It's another of those music shuffle list things.
                      Antoinette Blue by 北出菜奈

                      Well, I have a good vocabulary. 

                      Basically, I am supposed to put my iTunes on shuffle and make a list of the first 25 artists. Point of this is to see the type of music I listen to..I think.

                      1. Dir en Grey
                      2. Skye Sweetnam
                      3. Gavin DeGraw
                      4. Golden Bomber
                      5. ViViD
                      6. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区
                      7. the brilliant green
                      8. 志方あきこ
                      9. 宮本駿一
                      10. flumpool
                      11. ELLEGARDEN
                      12. Every Little Thing
                      13. 東方神起
                      14. Hyde
                      15. May'n
                      16. BAReeeeeeeeeeN
                      17. バルシェ
                      18. Younha
                      19. TOKIO
                      20. SHINee
                      21. B'z
                      22. KOKIA
                      23. タイナカサチ
                      24. yozuca*
                      25. December
                      Mostly Japanese, but I have a good mix. There are couple of genres, languages and style.

                      The songs I listen to definitely are not restricted to just a few genres. What I want to listen to at any one time really depends on how I am feeling that day. I am pretty sure that applies to everyone out there.

                      Side Note: Back somewhere in March I started a 30day challenge. I am going to continue that soon. I delayed it as I was waiting for my new 東方神起 goodies to arrive :D
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                        Picture does not belong to me.

                        See the amazing red hair the girl on the left is rocking? That's the shade of awesome I want.

                        Yes, yes. I know you guys are sick of me constantly saying how I want to dye my hair (for, 3 years now?) and not doing it.  I did get highlights once! But it cost a bomb and I did not dare spend so much money on hair again.

                        I actually forgot when was the last time I had a haircut. 

                        Every Singaporean probably needs...well, wants a haircut or go bald recently because of the heat. I know I do. I can just sit here in my room, causally surfing the web and be dripping sweat.

                        Either way, I need a hair cut and my hair to an awesome shade of fiery goodness to start off new page of my life.

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